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I take on the little things,

so you can accomplish big things.

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Systems Generation

From Scatterchart

to Charted Growth

You know where you want to be, and (for the most part) you know how to get there, but where to get started? That's another thing all together. It's also where the need for a virtual assistant like me comes in. I can help you generate plans and systems that will not only help you realize your goals but also cause clarity and freedom to bloom on your journey.

Artistic Eye

From Full of Mess 

to Beautiful Success

You have great ideas, and you (mostly) know what you want them to achieve... but how do they go together? Great question. Good news: I can answer it with light copy-writing, simple graphic design, and organizational skills that get your ideas moving toward what you envision with specificity and ease.

Ongoing Management

From An Overflowing Plate

to An Overflowing Life

You're moving, you're grooving, you've suddenly got so much (too much) to do and you really don't want to do it... but who will keep things running smoothly? Well, I will. As your personal assistant online I'll set up ongoing tasks, then keep you moving with

momentum toward your long term,

dream-accomplishing goals.


"Working with Jenna has really helped me in so many areas. She has an ability to bring order to chaos and that’s exactly the help I needed. "

Freya Adams
Actress and Environmentalist

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Thanks for reaching out! I'll be in touch soon.

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